Baby & Maternity Photography

The first few weeks of your baby's life are unforgettable, as is the time before you get your bundle of joy. With three packages available, you have the opportunity to document every step along the way.

Newborn Package

In the first few days after your baby's birth, you'll find they grow and change so quickly. The "Newborn Package" was designed to capture those precious first weeks so that you can treasure them forever. It also gives you a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle as a family, it's a time of reflection.

I try my utmost best to create a calm and trusting environment for both you and your very new and very special baby. I ensure that the room is very quiet and warm so that your baby is kept happy and cozy.

Ideally you should book the "Newborn Package" to take place within the first 14 days of birth, during this time your baby should be quite sleepy and quite still. I travel to your home with a backdrop and props. Each session can last up to two hours, and your baby will usually be sleeping contentedly through the whole experience.

You are able to feed and comfort your baby as much as you like within your session period to relax you as a new mum. I do advise that you find a few props for your baby, something that is dear to you and your little bundle of joy; this makes the memories much more precious to you in years to come.

What's Included

The "Newborn Package" includes a single 2 hours session, post editing, online viewing and two 10" x 8" prints. Each session is different, so the timings are only approximate.

Maternity Package

It's a tremendous feeling when your first hear that you're going to be a mother. It's beautiful, exciting and you should cherish every moment of your pregnancy.

My "Maternity Package" lets you start at the beginning and capture the journey you're about to take with your baby. I would usually suggest booking a session between 28 and 32 weeks because that's when your bump is well pronounced, but not too uncomfortable for a photo session.

Before you have your session, we'll meet and talk about exactly what your likes and dislikes are. Whether you're after a natural and relaxed look, or something a bit more daring, the choice is completely down to you.

On the day of your session, I would recommend wearing plain black and white clothing, preferably with no logo. I want to be able to emphasize your beautiful bump, and patterned clothing would be a distraction.

If you're worried about stretch marks, I'll be as discrete as possible and airbrush them out during post-production if you'd like.

What's Included

The "Maternity Package" includes a single 2 hour session with online viewing and post editing. You'll also get two 10" x 8" prints. Photos will usually be ready to view after a week.

Bump to Bundle — Deluxe Package

If you want to document the whole journey that your baby will make, then my "Bump to Bundle Package" might be the right choice for you. It combines both the Maternity and Newborn packages to create the full story that you can cherish for years to come.

Over three 2 hour sessions, I'll capture all three stages of your pregnancy; as your bump grows, when you're just about to give birth and finally when you get your bundle of joy. You'll get 2 copyright free images per session and your choice of extras (prints, canvases, keyrings, mugs and more...) up to the value of £150.

What's Included

The "Bump to Bundle Package" includes three 2 hour sessions, a total of 6 copyright free images provided on a disc, online viewing, post editing and £150 worth of extras.

Package Comparison

Newborn Maternity Bump to Bundle
Sessions 1 x 2 Hours 1 x 2 Hours 3 x 2 Hours
Post Editing
Online Viewing
Included Prints 2 x 10" by 8" Prints 2 x 10" by 8" Prints £150 worth of extras included
Copyright Free Images 2 per Session
Price £95 £95 £245

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