Jen Mulberry
Wedding Photographer
Sep 10th, 2018

This is something my brides often worry about spending money on as they feel it's expensive for one day. So...I had a thought and came up with seven steps for getting the style that you want, but for longer than a day:

  1. My first tip would be to look online for examples of the style you're after. Remember makeup on the day needs to be a little heavier than you're used to because you're being photographed.
  2. Go to your nearest department or makeup store and book in for a free makeover appointment.
  3. Show them the image of the makeup that you liked and ask their opinion on whether it would suit you, and whether it's appropriate for a wedding.
  4. Ask them to apply it is though it was for a wedding and ask for a few colour options. They will usually be more than obliging in the hope that you might buy some products, and it's also worth noting that the makeover is usually free, especially at Clinique and Clarins.
  5. When they apply your makeup, make sure you've got a mirror and ask them to go slowly. If you need to, make notes on their technique and how they apply the makeup so that you can practice for the big day. You'll be amazed at how they apply makeup to suit you and your skin type and tone.
  6. Buy the items that you really need to make the makeup look flawless. Don't forget it's not that expensive because you've now got several months worth of makeup.
  7. Keep practicing, especially by a window with natural light (or even outside).

Please get in touch if you've got any more ideas, or if you want to share your own experience with applying your own wedding makeup.

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