Confused about job roles?

Jen Mulberry
Wedding Photographer
Jul 10th, 2019

Are you confused about whose roles and whose responsibilities’ are at a wedding?

Then this may shed some light for you on the basics but the important roles not to be missed in preparation for your wedding day …….

It’s quite important to let the individual members of your bridal party know their duties and responsibilities’ for your special day while you are planning. I would always recommend informing them at least two months before the wedding so any questions or issues can be sorted before the big day.

It’s also a great excuse for a takeaway night and to maybe have a little get together drinky poohs with a group chat, not too much of a punch or cocktails party with that takeaway though or they will forget their roles before they even get to wake up the next day!

So here goes

Bride & Groom, you need to decide the date, wedding venue, type of wedding? Church or Registry Office, compile a wedding day guests list and evening guest list. (I would advise seating plan later because that’s a job in itself to keep everyone happy, Good luck with that)

Groom, you get to choose your best man, your ushers and your wedding attire (however I am sure that this will get to be a joint decision because the bride usually chooses the colour scheme…. but will then let it come across as your choice of suit and colour scheme at a later date) if you get my meaning!!!!!, make a speech at the reception.

Bride & Brides Mother, you will need to organise the reception arrangements, make any newspaper announcements, send out invitations 2-3 months in advance, arrange Photographer, Cars and flowers for the church.

Bride’s Father so you will need to escort the Bride to the church, Gives the Bride away and makes the first speech, which every dad looks forward to the most, ok a touch of sarcasm there because it’s what they usually dread the most but let’s keep it positive here ok!

Bride this is a bare minimal list for you, for the sake of readers that do have a job to go to because the list is endless and just to keep it simple because let’s face it, you have a rollercoaster of jobs to do and keep an eye on, but it’s fun right?, choose her bridesmaids/maid of honour, flower girls. Choose her dress and help/advise her bridesmaids on theirs. (maybe a little help with those gents suits!)

Best Man, consult with Brides family to keep up to date with the arrangements; arrange stag night (mayhem!!!) NEVER ON THE EVE OF THE WEDDING BTW, it’s never a good look to turn up to your wedding day an hour after your stag do finished, no no no ……the best man needs to make sure the Groom arrives on time for the wedding, (sober is always good as well!) Organises ushers, take care of rings and passes the rings to vicar/registrar at the appropriate time. (Another reason sober is a good idea here)!

Ushers, hand out order of service, greet guests, show them to their seats, ensure people are in the church prior to the arrival of the Bride including the Groom and help gather people for photos after the service. Ensures guests have transportation to the reception, makes reception announcements should you not have a toast master, returns hired suits.

Chief Bridesmaid, arrange the hen night, I don’t need to say NOT ON THE EVE OF THE WEDDING because Chief bridesmaids are usually keen to leave plenty of time for recovery before the big day!! Just saying! Help Bride dress and organise other bridesmaids, waits for Bride at the church and makes sure other bridesmaids are in the correct place on the day especially the very young ones, hold Brides bouquet during the service, help Bride change later if she is changing into another outfit.

Well I hope this helps and that you can allow this list to make things a little easier on organising job roles, Happy organising J x

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