Are you doing what you REALLY WANT TO DO and is Life asking you good questions, who, how  and what will you be today?

Jen Mulberry
Wedding Photographer
Sep 27th, 2019

So there I am in the lovely lanzarote in September. The latter part of September I may add so the kid’s outdoor heated pool is empty.” Hurrah” I can go get myself warm and float with no splashing or dive bombing me whilst my eyes are shut !!!!!!

After the first week of relaxing by the pool (and floating), missing my dogs like crazy, (non stop wondering what they are doing right now probably best I don’t know right?), hubby and I having nice walks along the sea for hours at a time, reading books that I had bought along with me, (BTW thanks friends for last year’s chrimbo gifts, great reads) and thus popping them into the hotel library for others to ponder upon once read. The guilt kicks in, yup I am sure I should be at work?  So I spend the next week with all of my work surrounding my sun Lounger that I had also brought with me (yup it’s true I actually brought my work on holiday) one gets bored if one sits around too long you know. Well I do anyways. Mental note to ones-self, I need an adventure holiday in the future, to prevent boredom Kickin in.

By the beginning second week all my work is done. I can return home refreshed and guilt free of relinquishing on my work load. You know like it really couldn’t wait because I couldn’t get home for two weeks anyway I was on HOLIDAY and I had at least a week to finalise my wedding photography paperwork and actually needed to be in the UK to do some of it!!!!

So on the last day with nothing left to do but remove our cases from our room, my mind starts asking me some serious life questions like…”why Jen does the pool that you have ignored for the last 6 sunny days always look so much more inviting when you can’t get in it? Because you know you have to vacate your room by 12 noon and you really don’t want to pack wet stuff? Especially in the knowledge that you have overspent on the luggage allowance already.

And “why now that someone else is lying on our very sunbeds do they scream with a fresh new calling for my bottom to get straight back on it and remove the new found bottoms that have happily placed themselves there”? Like I was never here!!!!!!

“Why Jen when the sun has hovered around at an average of 28 degrees for two weeks and that has pierced and torn at my skin,  reducing me after a mere ten minutes tanning to needing a two hour cool down period from my brolly’s shade now seems so much cooler and soothingly bearable not like before”?

So this life’s very important question boiled into one! “WHY NOW DO I FEEL I NEED TO WANT TO DO THESE THINGS NOW-TODAY MORE THAN EVER BEFORE WHEN I HAD ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO DO THEM”? Oh “ And why did I eat all those chips and ice cream”? . I have now got to haul my backside (that was on MY SUN LOUNGER back to the UK and reduce its size even more because of my over indulgence)!  Probably not one of my finer moments or decisions in this life time but I am sure there will be more aye aye !!

After all deep down I have thought this heat cruel all week, had more than all day to get my butt in that tantalising water, been able to lay on MY SUN LOUNGING BED  on a daily basis, been able to float in relative silence daily and didn’t exactly have to pick up any work. I could have just stuck to my healthy lifestyle and not had to think about puffing and panting around the gym trying to work out and breath at the same time, (good job I am a woman, we multi task much better I feel)

Well, funny you should ask, I realise it’s because it’s no longer a choice in your mind, nothing is banking on it, also if you busy yourself enough you don’t ask these questions, you don’t enjoy what’s out there. What’s there for the taking when it’s there, right in front of you?

Life is so important to be here and now.(AS IS MY SUN LOUNGER WITH MY BUTT ON IT) just saying !

I know its cliché but it’s really true that you should live in the moment. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I do things, what I say to myself, how I inwardly speak to me E.G when I have done such and such I will have this, and when I cover this part of my life I will feel this, when I manage to learn that part of my business I will be this. Thing is its holding us all back and preventing us from being and enjoying the NOW part of daily life. Life is a choice as is how we handle and live it. Work is a main part of that luckily it feels like I’m permanently on holiday because I love it so much. SOMETHING ELSE WORTH THINKING ABOUT HUH !

Nothing that you do later will ever bring back moment in time ever again, never the same cloud will pass us by, never the same air will we breathe, smile we create and nothing is more important than NOW. We miss so much banking on something else creating a feeling for us. The when it and if it happens attitude. The fact is life is so very precious and you mustn’t pass it by especially when you have the chance to stop. Indulge. Enjoy. Relax AND MOST OF ALL JUST BE. That said every moment would and can be just as you want it to. Want o be great at something start and do it now, be happy, loved, relaxed, the best you that you can be. It feels brilliant believe me because now I am it daily.

I am also still trying to work out and breathe simultaneously and I still want my sun lounger back !!!!!! just saying

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