Decorating your wedding venue, Centre pieces and table top pieces (part two)

Jen Mulberry
Wedding Photographer
Oct 27th, 2018

Many people like to make items for their wedding reception to make it either more personal, because they are on budget or they just like making things, whatever the reasons Sometimes its nice to get some new or different or even original ideas as well as how to go about making them.

I have seen many different home made items at wedding receptions, and they have all looked lovely and very in keeping with the wedding itself. theme, ideas how to make things.

Centre pieces can be Flower terrain place holders, Branches and photo display ideas, Balloon ideas ,vases candles, the list is endless. There are many arts and crafts that really help you to create them.

Lets take Balloons and how to make this great display yourself or allocate a friend to help make the look you wish to create. Remember Balloons do not like the sun and warm rooms, they can and will deflate and fall to the table or floor. I have witnessed this, however even I thought it was a new trend so didn't totally feel like the table were ruined. Here are some tips for balloons both indoors an outdoors...

1) The Quality of your balloon will make a huge difference.

2) Try to over-inflate the balloon and then release air until the balloon is slightly under-inflated. This helps the balloon to breathe and expand more easily, but remember Under-inflating does little good unless you over-inflate first.

3) Use balloons two sizes larger than you really want the finished took to be.

4) Helium does not work as well outdoors in the heat. Slowly increased heat and pressure from the moving helium molecules will lead to the balloon popping.

5) If you want your balloons to float longer outside, you could plan to do some small touch-ups to your balloon arrangements. Be sure to include this in your budget. ( you may need a helium container on site)

6) Balloons simply will not last outdoors overnight. As the cold air shrinks the balloons and then they expand in the sun the next day, they will pop like crazy. This can be avoided by putting the balloon up as near to the time of the reception as possible. however leave enough time for any popping of balloons as you put up your display. ( usually they will pop within an hour of being up)

7) pre cut any ribbons so they display is organised and quick to place on the day remembering to pre tie any balloon weights before erection.

8) Foil balloons last longer outdoors than latex. Just allow extra room for normal expansion and shrinkage by under-inflating. The downside is that in the hot sun the foil will lose their colour or shine.

9) Whenever possible, use some kind of framework to give your balloon décor structure that can withstand wind and heat. This can also be very helpful for any helium-filled balloons that will lose float time in the heat.

Glass bowls as centre pieces for floating candles or floating flower displays can be very economical and look fantastic with an air of class and romantic mood, you can rent the fish bowls or buy the fish bowls and use them as gifts. Other glass type terrain glass jars can be very effective for use as place holders for each guest on your tables. Or not forgetting the very flattering mood lighting floating candle ideas .

Another great idea would be Making a post box for your wedding cards is also very cost effective, this can add a personal touch and make a great table piece, you can personalise these to your own taste and colour scheme. This can be on the gift table as well as other small personal touches such as photographs, personalised trees and crafts. Personalised trees can also be a centre piece giving guests something to talk about especially if guests on their table are unknown to them, meeting new people at a wedding isn't always easy for some people so this would be a much easier way to break the ice and chat whilst on their table, writing a message about how they know you and personal memories. as well as helping your guests you now have great keepsakes for the rest of your married life together to look back on and make as great memories all over again. Another way to display a Wedding branch would be to hang photos of the happy couple and use as a display for centre pieces on the tables or personal touch on a side table, again bringing a great excuse for conversation with everyone at the wedding. I have popped a few ideas that I have seen over the years into example images for you to look at. I hope that this has helped making your reception perfect …..

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