Simple steps to posing like a Top Model

Jen Mulberry
Wedding Photographer
Aug 14th, 2019

So how do we start posing for Photos to look fantastic, thinner, more natural and like a top model?

So how do we start posing for Photos to look fantastic, thinner, more natural and like a top model?


These are my top ten tips for looking Fabulous for your Photographs.

1. Never stand to the side, no one like their side profile because it is a direct outline of the features we usually want hidden, I.E our nose and chin , chest and stomach, any lighting no matter how perfect is going to accentuate these features and we are not going to be happy with the end result.  Even on a thin day ladies we will look at our side profile and pick on something, it will also make us look very stiff and regimental.

2. Never stand straight on, this is also not the way to present yourself in a Photograph. This pose has a very wide kind of look to it and its definitely not flattering in any way. Full on frontal view makes any one question just how wide they look. A figure can look very square and boxy so avoid this stance at all costs

3. Always follow your eyes with your nose in line. This is a classic mistake people make. If you are asked to look up, to the side, down, or look to one corner in any way, always follow with your nose with the direction that your eyes are going, this prevents the whites of the eyes being the majority of what you will see and its also a scary look if you have no colour accept white eyes in your photographs. A lot of people feel they look somewhat bog-eyed when looking directly at the camera, especially if their head is turned to the side. You also may feel more self conscious when staring at the camera, which can affect your expression in subtle and unconscious ways.

4. Next on the agenda is never put whole hands in pockets, this looks like your arms have no hands. It’s a harsh and very odd look when you are standing there, hands in pockets and no fingers, it’s also a messy look to any photograph and again is a stiff type of look. If you must put hands in pockets try just the thumb and have the fingers out, its a softer look if you relax your fingers and gives a nice curve to the arm creating a relaxed finish to your arms and sides.

5. Keep your chin forward and down. If you raise your chin forward slightly, and then tip it downward, this elongates your neck and makes your jawline more pronounced. This can be a slimming look that highlights your naturel facial features. However, if you're posing from a side profile, this pose can make you look like a turtle poking its head out of its shell. Hold your head in a more natural position for side profile shots.

6. Never put your arms around peoples shoulders it messes up your upper part of clothes making them untidy and scrunched around your neck line and makes you look very wide up top. This is not a good look, its also produces a straight on forward facing pose that as we said earlier isn't a good look.

7. Never place your hands on someone's stomach the hands can create leading lines and people will look straight to their stomach and we all know the ladies will hate this.

8. Three quarter side on is definitely how to stand. then place the weight on the back leg and drop the front knee, this creates the most slimming stance a person can hold. by dropping the knee it creates a soft relaxed look and makes you instantly thinner.

9. Keep your personality in mind. Certain models are known for their distinctive personalities, they bring this into every photo shoot they do. If you want to pose like a top model, choose a pose that exuberates your distinctive attitude.  You will get to know what feels right and emulates your true personality so play with it.

What is unique about you? Do you have a special personality trait you can use as a model? Say you're a little quirky. Maybe you can smile more widely or laugh during pictures. Are you a brooding, serious type? Consider gazing off screen during pictures. Try to make it look like you were lost in thought when the photo was taken.

10. Hold it one more thing. don't just smile, say something, I got told once if you say brush you will always smile afterwards however I think saying Smarties helps. never hold that smile for too long, when it starts to feel unnatural think of something silly or say smarties again, think about how your face wants to look and the face mimics the thoughts

so happy posing and I am sure from now on you're gonna look a million dollars on every pose.


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