Top Ten priorities in order to help plan your wedding day

Jen Mulberry
Wedding Photographer
Jan 30th, 2019

Important questions answered about your wedding planning and the order in which to do it.

I always get asked if there's an order to booking your wedding. And the answer is yes there is a preferred order. However, we all know that every wedding can be worlds apart from each other and what one bride deems as really important another bride may not be so bothered about.

For the sake of the blog we are going to go with the run of the mill order and hopefully it will help a few of you new brides out there to be wedding planners. Please remember to calculate your budget before booking any services.

1. Booking the Church (please click for links to Hampshire churches) wedding or civil (please click for wedding venues in Hampshire) wedding service (and official registrar)is key here to getting a time and date secured. After all if there is no civil wedding ceremony or a Church wedding ceremony then there will be no wedding for your guests to attend.

2. The reception is next on your list of things to do. (if you are having a church ceremony) This needs to be next on your agenda so that the whole day and date is secured along with timings to co-inside with the Church service. If you are having a Civil ceremony then the likelihood is that you will have the whole event at your chosen venue. Caterers may be included in the reception, if not you will need to source this at the same time as booking your reception.

3. Yes "lil ole me" (Your Photographer) comes next after the Church/ Venue booking as we do get booked up pretty quickly. Usually about a year in advance, so if you want to secure your date we need to be very near the top of the list to save any disappointments.

4. At four you ideally should be looking at getting any videographers or photo booths (if you are not making your own, again their dates get booked up pretty quickly.

5.Transportation is the next thing to do, this is a must to ensure you have enough transport ready for your big day.

6. Next you need to be booking the evening entertainment, This is normally a band or a disco or something alternative, whatever takes your fancy or matches your theme.

7. Ok so what you have all been waiting for ...…. Choosing the wedding dress will be a very important factor when you think about themes, colour schemes and what the reception will entail. So this is a must for the next on the list along with the Grooms suit. The all important dress may take some time to find and then we have the fittings etc to factor in. So its important to at least start looking about now for that WOW factor dress, and a colour scheme. It goes without saying that by now it would be a great idea to have chosen the Maid of Honour, Bridesmaids, Best man, Ring bearer and ushers. afterall they will also need dressing too.

8. The honeymoon should be considered about now and booking time off of work to get that all important time out to relax after months of planning your big day.

9. Hairdressers and make-up artists would be next unless you would consider tips on doing your own make-up, (please see my blog on tips to either cut costs or if you prefer to do some things yourself).

10. The Rings, yes an utmost important part of the top ten list are the rings...

Now the main important factors are covered for the event you can look at the still very important details but finer details. This will include a huge list of which I think I have covered most for you here...

Wedding shoes, Tiara, Veil, Flowers, Corsage's, Button Holes, Bridesmaids dresses, Invitation's, Table décor & centre pieces for your reception, Menu plans, order of service if applicable, Cake, Guest list, Save the date cards, Readings for ceremony or reception, Grooms speech, Favours, Underwear, playlist for the ceremony, seating plan, bridesmaids and best man gifts.

I hope this lists covers almost everything.

A tiny tip from me, BREAK IN YOUR WEDDING SHOES !

P.S. (please don't forget that if you are going for tradition)

Something Old, Something New, Something borrowed, Something Blue.

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