The Rabbit Bank & Stockbridge Church

Jen Mulberry
Wedding Photographer
Aug 26th, 2019

Lauren and Tom @The Rabbit Bank in Fullerton Estate between Chilbolton and Andover.

This wedding was a last minute request due to unforeseen circumstances with their original Photographer.

Preparation was pretty tough as I had a lot to do in very little timeframe (I usually get a year to prep or thereabouts). However, that said it was a pleasure to work with the lovely couple and the Bride’s father, with whom I met to book the wedding photography.

Whilst visiting the venue where the marquee was to be placed, alongside many other surreal surprises they had planned for the wedding, I could see why they had chosen The Rabbit Bank, the scenery was unreal, making backdrops a Photographers dream.

The Bride’s father had already told me that as a surprise Lauren had a horse and carriage awaiting for her on her route to the church, something that she had dreamed of since she was a little girl. And I believe a gift from her uncle to her. I was welling up with tears at the ideas that these people had come together with to make the Bride and Grooms day so perfect, Magical and full of surprises ! This was definitely going to be emotional and I was hoping it wasn’t going to make any mascara run!!

Alongside this a bridge had been constructed by Laurens Father by his own fair hands to add to the magic of the scene. (Clever man), Lucky Bride.

So three weeks before the Wedding I get to meet the Bride at the venue and I must say she seemed very laid back and relaxed (I have seen this before, usually means they are a bag of nerves on the day). After a chat and filling in the finer details without spilling the beans (on the unknown to her surprises for the day) I head home to think about how I can best show their personalities and incorporate the amazing scenery at this gorgeous venue.

The next meeting is with the groom and their sons so that on the wedding day the children and groom won’t be too shy with me, especially with a huge camera in their face.

We finalise my ideas on how to go about shooting the day and run over any ideas and thoughts they have for their photographs. A few minor adjustments and we next meet at the wedding rehearsal.

The Wedding Rehearsal was at St Peters church in Stockbridge Hampshire  This is when I usually get to meet all the immediate family, Groomsmen, Best man and bridesmaids. My favourite part as there are so many characters, I can usually get a feel of who will be able to help me with groups on the day as well and who is going to have fun and who are the shy and retiring ones.

I met Emily (AKA Simon, Long story lol) Tiff and Amy who were the Bridesmaids and immediately hit it off, we had such fun and this was just the rehearsal.

Just a few short days later it’s the day of the actual wedding. Lauren chose to have the getting ready part of her day photographed rather than the first dance for her chosen package so that the story could be told from the start of the day rather than meet her at the church half way through her wedding day.

 Laurens dad had decided to get the horse and carriage to meet them en-route to the church so it wouldn’t ruin her surprise. However he forgot to take a mirror and extra mascara (clearly there were a few emotional tears from our gorgeous bride to be. She arrived in such style with two grey horses pulling her and her father through Stockbridge high street, where lots of passers-by stopped to admire them.

I had already photographed the Groomsmen and had some fun in the sun. It was a very hot day but they coped well in their suits. The ceremony was lovely and they sailed through their vows. After the Church we had a few small group Photographs with close family and then moved onto their reception.

At The Rabbit Bank Laurens Father and Tom, The Grooms father had been very hard at work, there was a manmade Bridge, the marquee, an archway (Very clever man), a pizza bar, a drinks Bar, A hog- roast, A Coffee Bar, you name it and it was there.

We spent a few hours photographing guests, large groups, intimate groups, The Bride and Groom alone and many candid images, the day flew by, we got to meet some fantastic people and I personally was privileged that I was chosen to share their special day. Thank you so Much.

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