Rock The Frock

How would you like to Rock your frock ?

After Party Dress Up Shoot, Where do you dare to take yours?

Brides put so much time effort and money into buying that perfect dress, it seems a crying shame to only ever wear it once. Many brides have looked to me to trash the dress. Not so long back this was a new found fad (which I felt is a shame because there are so many other ways to photograph this gorgeous gown) but also so many brides just want to find that one excuse to wear it one more time, so why look for reasons after all that money and effort was put in to finding it in the first place. Should you want an after party with your dress, giving you the chance to get that gorgeous gown on one more time, then fear not I have been asked on many occasions to go somewhere different (new Location) do something different and to have the dress seen in a very different light as you can see below. These photographs were taken in a very respectful way but also they were envisioned in respect to be seen as bringing life, marriage and memories of the short time we are blessed with on this earth, to celebrate and respect life with the short time that we have here (Some Brides have ways in which they want to look that is not always the controversial way of looking at a wedding dress) But its definitely different, If you have an idea that you want to pop your dress back on for then. Prices start from please do contact me for further details.


These Location portrait photography prices are for any kind of one session and any kind of location photography.

Location Option Gold £400
Includes location photography up to 3 hours so enough time to have a change of clothing. Your choice of a 12×8 inch Fine Art Wrap or Acrylic Print Wall Art , and a collection of 30 images of your choice on USB stick.
If bought separately, these would cost over £500, saving you over £100! Book Now

Location Option Silver £300
Includes location photography up to 3 hours so still enough time of you wanted a clothing change , and your choice of either 12×8 inch fine art wrap or 15 images on USB stick of your choice. up to two hours
If bought separately, these would cost up to £400, saving you £100! Book Now

Location Option Bronze £200
Includes location photography, and a £40 credit for any items purchased. Items available are as follows, Fine Art Wrap or Acrylic Print Wall Art, Wall canvas, Large prints, USB sticks with image choices
If you bought these separately, they would cost over £250, so you are saving over £50! Book Now

Location photography prices are generally based on the photography taking place within a 40 mile radius of Andover Hampshire ( Over 40 miles will be at a charge of 45p Per Mile) if you are interested in something different or wish to hire a specific venue, I’d love to give you a quote so contact me.