I named this Package Belbins, another area not exactly very close to romsey but more in it. Its a tiny tiny place. It would appear to have acquired its name from a certain Nicholas Belbin and today boasts a few houses and bungalows.  A couple of them have names such as Belbins House and Belbins Valley. Belbins House definitely seems to have some history to it. The Belbins package is for people that wish to keep the photography to a minimum on the day and have more of a quiet family affair, also for those who would like to keep to a budget. This package is not set in stone on which part of your wedding you would prefer to be photographed but hours are limited to 4.5 hours so the choice is yours. Try to think about the logistics and timings for your photography. You don't want to be using travel time if you can help it within your Photography time slot. With the Belbins package you'll get unlimited photography throughout your allocated hours booked. You will receive a good coverage of your wedding day to include

What's included

With the Belbin’s package you'll receive a detailed pre-wedding planning consultation, visits to your venue and attendance to your wedding rehearsal. We'll also provide unlimited photography within the agreed allotted time (This may be able to include Bride getting ready or cutting of the cake). On the day of the ceremony, you'll get group photography and intimate Bride and Groom photography. you will have access to an online photo album and print ordering. Afterwards, you will receive 75 printable images on a CD. The Belbin’s is limited to 4.5 hours

You get all of this for £499

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