I named this Package Braishfield its a very small village and civil parish north of Romsey in Hampshire, England. This was a ten minute walk form my home as a child and I spent many days here. The name is thought to be derived from the Old English bræsc + feld, meaning 'open land with small branches or brushwood'. The Braisgfield Package has a good coverage for your wedding day, With two photographers at hand, It means you will minimise anything being missed on the day and we really can be in two places at once. The photography is unlimited within your 7 hour window

What's included

With the Braishfield package you'll receive a detailed pre-wedding planning consultation, two specialised wedding photographers, visits to your venue and attendance to your wedding rehearsal. We'll also provide unlimited photography within the agreed allotted time. On the day of the ceremony you will get the photographers at the Bride's home before the ceremony and then they will join the groom at the church for pre wedding photography. Afterwards you will receive intimate photography of the Bride and Groom. You will have access to an online photo album and print ordering. Afterwards you will receive 100 printable images on a CD. The Braishfield is limited to 8 hours.

You get all of this for £799

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Please accept a complimentary bottle of Wine booking this Braishfield Package with Jen Mulberry Photography